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Kenneth Able

Kenneth W. Able

Campus: NB, Director, Marine Field Station, Tuckerton, NJ
School: SEBS
Dept. Affiliation: DMCS

Dr. Able’s long term interests are focused on the life history and ecology of fishes from the edge of the continental shelf to the intertidal marshes of estuaries. In the last decade there have been two interdisciplinary thrusts along the east coast of the US and into the Gulf of Mexico. The first is a collaborative effort (including colleagues at NMFS, NERRs and academic institutions) to determine the patterns of fish larval supply to estuaries from Maine to South Carolina in order to determine patterns of recruitment for economically and ecologically important species. The second is designed to determine the habitat ecology of fishes and crabs in natural (Mullica River – Great Bay estuary, 25+ years of regular sampling) and altered (New York Harbor, 20 years; Delaware Bay, 9+ years; Louisiana marshes as part of a broader program evaluating the effects of the BP oil spill) estuaries. All of these funded activities have involved teaching and training of postdocs, graduate students, undergraduate students, interns and technicians over a 37 year career at Rutgers University.

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