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A Reason to Howl at the Moon

Sometimes it pays to look at the sky! Matt Drews, who is an M.S. student in the Atmospheric Science Graduate Program happened to look up at the night sky at the right moment on November 20th over Somerville, New Jersey. The interplay cirrus ice clouds and a bright moon produced a wonderful halo ...
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A Great Read: Life’s Engines

Our own Dr. Paul Falkowski, who holds the Bennett L. Smith Chair in Business and Natural Resources, has written a wonderful new book that is receiving rave reviews. Paul’s book explores how microbes are truly the engines of life, the actual working parts that do the biochemical heavy lifting for ...
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New Science on Sea-Level Rise

Joint projections of US East Coast sea level and storm surge. Christopher M. Little, Radley M. Horton, Robert E. Kopp, Michael Oppenheimer, Gabriel A. Vecchi, and Gabriele Villarini. Nature Climate Change (2015) Future coastal flood risk will be strongly influenced by sea-level rise (SLR) and ...
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