EOAS Graduate Courses for the Spring 2016 Semester

Major Events in Earth History (3-credits) A new capstone course in Geological Sciences, Spring Semester, 2016, M-Th, 10:20 – 11:40 AM, Wright Labs Rm 231.  Register for 01:460:480.

Climate Change Risk Analysis (3-credits), Robert Kopp and Enrique Curchitser, Spring Semester Thursdays from 1:10 pm-4:10 pm in Civic Square, Building 168, Rutgers Downtown New Brunswick campus. Natural/social science and engineering students may register for 16:460:571:01 (SAS) or 16:107:571:01 (SEBS). Policy and planning students should register for Seminar in Urban Planning under 34:970:663:01. Contact Professor Kopp at robert.kopp@rutgers.edu for more information.

Ecology and Evolution of Climate Change (3-credits), Malin Pinsky and Diane Adams; Tues 9:15-12:15 in ENR 145.  Students should register for “Special Topics in Ecology” under listing 16:215:603:01.