EOAS Leadership Staff
Julie Lockwood
Julie Lockwood
Interim Director
A Rutgers faculty member since 2004, Julie Lockwood is a global leader in the study of invasive species and the negative economic, ecological, and social impacts they can impose. Julie has provided critical scientific evidence for the conservation and restoration of native species in the face of massive land use changes, sea level rise, human alteration of rivers and estuaries, and the overexploitation of animals in the wildlife trade. Her work on the rising rates of species invasions and extinctions has led to widespread recognition of global-scale shifts in biodiversity, which she and her colleagues have termed “biotic homogenization.” She is fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the Ecological Society of America, and she contributes to the United Nations intergovernmental Science-Society Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. Julie has served as Interim Director of EOAS since February, 2022.
Oliver Stringham
Senior Program Coordinator
Before joining EOAS Leadership in June, 2022, Oliver Stringham was a Research Associate at the University of Adelaide, Australia. He specializes in using data science tools including statistics, machine learning, natural language processing, and geospatial analyses to answer questions about underlying systems. His current research focusses on the wildlife trade and its intersection with conservation and biological invasions.
Matt Drews
Matthew Drews
Digital Media Coordinator
Having begun his time at Rutgers as an undergraduate in 2007, Matt remained with the university upon graduating and has been the digital media coordinator and webmaster for the institute since 2016, managing its a/v needs, website, and social media channels. His research interests include ground-based meteorological observation, air pollution meteorology, and atmospheric optics. In addition to his work with the Institute, he is the co-director of the Rutgers Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Station (PAMS) in East Brunswick, NJ.
Carol Peters
Communications Specialist
Carol has been a part-time member of the EOAS communications team since 2018. She works full-time as a public relations specialist at the School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Prior to her arrival at SC&I in 2013, she spent nearly 14 years as a manager of communications and outreach at the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI), (now currently named the High Meadows Institute) at Princeton University. Peters graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history from Clark University, Worcester, MA. She completed the Rutgers University Mini-MBA program with a focus on digital media in 2012, and in 2021 she earned a professional public relations certificate with a focus on digital asset management from SC&I’s Department of Professional Development Studies. She is co-author of the book “Investing for Middle America: John Elliott Tappan and the Origins of American Express Financial Advisors” published by Palgrave, the scholarly and reference division of St. Martin’s Press, now Macmillan.