#EOAS in the News: July, 2020 Hottest on Record

#EOAS in the News: July, 2020 Hottest on Record

July 2020 was the hottest month in New Jersey in 125 years of record keeping, EOAS faculty member David Robinson, who is also the New Jersey State Climatologist, told the Bergen Record in an article titled “July was the hottest month on record in New Jersey — but you figured that already, right?

Robinson said it was the persistence of the heat — the prolonged warm days and nights — that led to the record breaking month, rather than a few exceptionally hot days.

“It made it the warmest month in New Jersey — not just the warmest July, but the warmest month in recorded weather records. And it broke the record by about 4 degrees, which is pretty substantial,” Robinson told the Record.

Robinson also noted that July was also the 15th wettest on record, and said, “Recent storms, including Tropical Storm Fay in early July and Isaias last week, has made it “a rather extreme summer.”

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