Josh Kohut Named Fellow of Marine Technology Society

Josh Kohut, professor in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, was named a Fellow of the Marine Technology Society (MTS). He was recognized for fundamental contributions in the development of novel technologies that allow for the sampling of marine systems. 

Professor Josh Kohut
Professor Josh Kohut

Kohut has been at the forefront of the deployment and operation of a range of technologies that are helping science, health & human safety at sea, as well supporting sustainable fishery management. 

The Marine Technology Society promotes awareness, understanding, and the advancement and application of marine technology. Incorporated in 1963, the international society brings together businesses, institutions, professionals, academics, and students who are ocean engineers, technologists, policy makers, and educators. MTS is a leading authority and advocate for marine technology and resources while promoting public understanding of the ocean. Each year it recognizes outstanding individuals through their annual awards. Rutgers was well-represented in this year’s awards.

Josh Kohut is a faculty member at the Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS). This article was written by the Office of Communications at the Rutgers University-New Brunswick School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS).