EOAS unites a Rutgers-wide, interdisciplinary community studying the past, present and future of the Earth system, including the solid Earth, ocean, atmosphere, and biosphere, and humanity’s dependence and impacts upon them. Its members advance the scientific understanding of our planet’s past, present and future and build the knowledge and perspective needed for equitable state, national and global stewardship of a healthy, sustainable and resilient planetary environment.

The EOAS Institute Postdoctoral Program brings to Rutgers excellent early-career scientists seeking to engage in research that cuts across Earth system science disciplines. Institute Postdoctoral Associates work on multidisciplinary teams of at least two EOAS faculty mentors to facilitate new collaborations with high intellectual merit and broader impact.

To apply, candidates must complete an online application and submit a research proposal developed in consultation with their desired multidisciplinary mentoring team.  Applications are welcome for all innovative, interdisciplinary ideas that are consistent with EOAS’ mission.

Go to "Application Information" above to learn more and to apply.

From investigating the origins of life to tracking ecological change from Antarctica to Borneo, from reconstructing past environmental changes to assessing future climate and ecological risks, from plumbing the origins of the Moon to monitoring the global ocean – EOAS’s breadth and depth are among Rutgers’ greatest strengths.

Dr. Robert Kopp,
EOAS Director