David Robinson
David Robinson
Climatology; cryosphere; regional climates; physical geography

Livingston Campus
School of Arts and Sciences
Dept of Geography
Office of the NJ State Climatologist

Dr. Robinson’s primary research interests include climate and climate change; in particular, state and regional climate and climate change issues, hemispheric and regional snow cover dynamics, interactions of snow cover with other climate elements, the dynamics of solar and terrestrial radiative fluxes at and close to the surface of the earth, and the collection and archiving of accurate climatic data. These interests translate into his service endeavors as the NJ State Climatologist and as a contributor to national and international climate assessments, which includes helping to solve a myriad of problems working with various stakeholders and interacting with individuals within the physical and social sciences. David’s academic interests in the classroom include teaching courses such as Earth Systems, The Global Climate System and Global and Regional Climate Change.