Dina Fonseca
Dina Fonseca
Evolutionary epidemiological ecology

Cook Campus
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Dept of Entomology
Center for Vector Biology 

Some of the adaptation strategies to climate change and sea level rise such as restoration of salt marshes through thin-­layer application of dredge spoil will greatly affect salt marsh mosquito production. In a collaboration with Richard Lathrop (CRSSA), local mosquito control agencies, and other land management partners Dr. Fonseca is using DNA-­based tools to survey and eventually design and implement a marsh research program that informs future mosquito control management actions. Furthermore, they are examining how southern native mosquitoes as well as some invasive species are moving north changing local epidemiological risk but, surprisingly, also providing opportunities to obtain information on reclusive vertebrates, some endangered, that become sources of blood.