Jim Miller
James Miller
Climate modeling; earth system science; air-sea interactions; remote sensing

Cook Campus
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Dept of Marine and Coastal Sciences

Dr. Jim Miller’s research is on global climate change with a particular emphasis on the hydrologic cycle, how it affects the climate system, and how it might change in the future in response to increasing greenhouse gases. His recent focus has been on the role of climate feedbacks on enhanced warming rates at high latitudes and high altitudes, including snow/albedo, water vapor, and cloud feedbacks. The regional focus has been on analysis of climate feedbacks in the Arctic region and in two high altitude regions—the Tibetan Plateau and the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado. Combined with another focus on the impact of climate change on river flow, this work has implications for future water resources which are likely to be one of the major stressors on human civilization during the 21st century. Jim also teaches multiple courses at Rutgers including physical oceanography, remote sensing, a Byrne Seminar on water resources and climate change, and a SEBS Jr/Sr Colloquium on climate change.