Kristen Keating
Kristina Keating
near-surface geophysics; seismic refraction; novel geophysical method; nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

Newark Campus
College of Arts and Sciences
Dept of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Kristina Keating’s research focuses on using near surface geophysics to investigate the top 100 m’s of Earth’s surface. In particular, she is interested in using near-surface geophysics for hydrogeologic, biogeochemical, and cryosphere investigations. Dr. Keating uses standard geophysical methods including seismic refraction and electrical resistivity, but much of her research is focused on a novel geophysical method, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Past and on-going studies in her research group includes field investigations to understand the depth and distribution of permafrost in Svalbard, laboratory studies to improve geophysical estimations of hydraulic conductivity, and computer modeling to improve the interpretation and analysis of geophysical data.