Lena Struwe
Lena Struwe
Evolutionary history, diversity and biogeography of gentians and relatives

Cook Campus
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources (DEENR)
Dept of Plant Biology

Dr. Struwe is an associate professor in Rutgers DEENR, as well as Director of the Chrysler Herbarium (CHRM). She works primarily in plant diversity and evolution with a wide variety of topics, such as: The evolutionary and ecological responses in weedy plants to high natural and artificial selection due to urbanization, climate, and human activities at scales from the global to the local and especially within urban microhabitats; Evolution and biogeography of plant biodiversity in the Neotropics, historical and contemporary, including geological and paleoclimatological inferences for biodiversity evolution; and The evaluation of climate- and geoscience-based ecological niches of species and evolutionary clades in a phylogenetic context within plants and fungi (Spatial Evolutionary and Ecological Vicariance Analysis, SEEVA