Malin Pinsky
Malin Pinsky
Population dynamics; marine ecology; population genetics; climate change

Cook Campus
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources (DEENR)

Dr. Pinsky is an ecologist with a strong interest in marine communities and molecular tools. Much of his research strives to integrate theory, population genetics, and field ecology to understand the population dynamics of coastal marine species. How are we as a society impacted by and impacting marine species? What choices can we make to alter these impacts and benefits? What will the oceans look like in a decade or a century? A key goal of his research is to aid in the conservation of marine ecosystems, both by pushing the boundaries of research and through training highly skilled scientists and communicators. Malin’s projects have included studies examining adaptation to climate change in temperate marine fish and fisheries, larval dispersal in coral reef fish to inform marine reserve design, and seal population dynamics in response to climate change and hunting.