Michael De Luca
Michael De Luca
Management of major external research; science education and service programs; government relations; marine and coastal science policy

Aquaculture Innovation Center
Marine Outreach
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Department of Environmental Sciences (DES)

Mike De Luca is the Senior Associate Director for the Office of Research at Rutgers University where he leads integrated programs of research, education and outreach for the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve, Aquaculture Innovation Center and the Coastal Exploration Center. Other key duties include management of major external research, science education and service programs, government relations, and marine and coastal science policy.

He directs Rutgers efforts to support the development, growth and prosperity of aquaculture in New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic region, oversees operation of major field facilities, serves as Chair of the Rutgers Dive Control Board, and leads efforts to capitalize on environmental sampling and sensing networks to inform coastal management and enrich K-12 science education. He also directs efforts to restore the ecological integrity of coastal systems and communities in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, develops science-based strategies to enhance resilience of coastal communities and ecosystems, and conducts research to advance management of marine protected areas. His experience includes service as the President of the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (NERRA), Chair of the Science and Technical Advisory Committee for the Barnegat Bay National Estuary Program, Chair of the Public Policy Committee for the National Association of Marine Laboratories (NAML) and member of the Heinz Center Panel on Innovations in Coastal Zone Management. He is currently the Chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee for NERRA and President of NAML.