Atlantic Surfclam Study Results to be ready in 2018

By the summer of 2018, researchers from Rutgers University’s Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory in Bivalve, NJ hope to have the results of an exciting new project aimed at culturing Atlantic surfclams (Spisula solidissima), as a potential robust new farm species. Preliminary results have been positive, showing high rates of clam survival during the culturing and growing processes.

“A pilot program that we ran a couple of years ago in partnership with local industry demonstrated good growth and survival on a local farm as well. Even through a relatively cold and icy winter, the clams did well. Surfclams are relatively easy to work with in the nursery and hatchery. We have followed standard practices with husbandry and the results have been good.”” said Dr. Daphne Munroe, EOAS member scientist, project co-principal investigator and RU-HSRL Assistant Professor, Marine and Coastal Sciences.

In addition to Dr. Munroe, shellfish aquaculture extension specialist Lisa Calvo, graduate student Michael Acquafredda, and everyone else at the RU-HSRL have worked hard to make this project a great success!


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