EOAS is a multidisciplinary, accomplished community of researchers that includes more than 100 faculty and staff across six schools. Our faculty ranks include numerous winners of national and international awards, and many of our researchers engage in policy and assessment processes at state, national, and international levels. EOAS scientists are global leaders in the study of climate and ecological risk, in integrated oceanic and atmospheric observation and prediction, and in polar research. They are pioneers in reconstructing past sea-level change and in piecing together the evolution on the protein nanomachines that power life.

  • Kenneth Able
    Kenneth Able
    Ecology and behavior of fish
  • Clinton Andrews
    Clinton Andrews
    Energy and environmental planning; regulatory reform; planning methods
  • Gail Ashley
    Gail Ashley
    Sedimentology; geomorphology; quaternary geology; modern processes
  • Marie-Pierre Aubry
    Marie-Pierre Aubry
    Biostratigraphy; calcareous nanoplankton evolution; geological time and the stratigraphic record
  • Lisa Auermuller
    Lisa Auermuller
    Coastal community vulnerability; Coastal Training Program
  • Nicholas Beaird
    Nicholas Beaird
    High-latitude observational physical oceanography, Greenland meltwater, Ocean circulations
  • Karen Bemis
    Karen Bemis
    Marine geophysics; hydrothermal plume behavior; volcano morphology; visualization
  • Debashish Bhattacharya
    Debashish Bhattacharya
    Algal evolution; genomics; endosymbiosis; red tides; plastids; tree of life
  • Kay Bidle
    Molecular evolution and ecology; marine microbial ecology; biogeochemistry
  • placeholder-male
    Juan Bonachela
    Ecological and evolutionary patterns
  • AJ Both
    A.J. Both
    Controlled environment agriculture; crop modeling; systems analysis
  • Tony Broccoli
    Anthony Broccoli
    Climate modeling; climate change
  • Joseph Brodie
    Coastal environmental modeling; climate change; coastal observation
  • David Bushek
    David Bushek
    Shellfish ecology; aquaculture and host-parasite interactions
  • Dan Cabanes
    Dan Cabanes
    Human microarchaeology; Old World
  • Robert Chant
    Robert Chant
    Observations and numerical modeling of estuarine and coastal processes
  • Randi Chmielewski
    Randi Chmielewski
    Science and Politics Initiative
  • Enrique Curchitser
    Ocean dynamics and climate system; Earth system models; multiscale climate dynamics
  • Katherine Dawson
    Geomicrobiology; organic geochemistry; microbial ecology; microbial transformation of organic molecules
  • Michael De Luca
    Michael De Luca
    Management of major external research; science education and service programs; government relations; marine and coastal science policy
  • Siobain Duffy
    Siobain Duffy
    Emerging viruses; experimental evolution; bioinformatics; bacteriophage
  • Anna M. Dulencin
    Science and Politics Initiative
  • Nicole Fahrenfeld
    Environmental chemistry and environmental microbiology to promote water quality and sustainability, with applications in natural and engineered systems
  • Paul Falkowski
    Paul Falkowski
    Biogeochemical cycles; evolution; astrobiology
  • Craig Feibel
    Craig Feibel
    Geological context of fossil and archaeological sites, paleoenvironments and paleoecology, microstratigraphy, geochronology; Africa
  • Mark Feigenson
    Mark Feigenson
    Geochemistry of igneous rocks and other geologic samples
  • Donna Fennell
    Environmental microbiology; environmental engineering
  • Dina Fonseca
    Dina Fonseca
    Evolutionary epidemiological ecology
  • Jennifer Francis
    Jennifer Francis
    Satellite remote sensing of polar regions; air/ice/ocean energy transfer
  • Heidi Fuchs
    Heidi Fuchs
    Biophysical interactions; larval dispersal; plankton community ecology
  • Yuan Gao
    Yuan Gao
    Atmospheric chemistry; air-sea chemical exchange; air pollution
  • Scott Glenn
    Scott Glenn
    Physical oceanography; satellite remote sensing
  • Linda Godfrey
    Linda Godfrey
    Paleoclimate; groundwater; nitrogen cycle; geochemistry
  • Jie Gong
    Jie Gong
    Coastal community resilience; remote sensing; geo-spatial big data; artificial intelligence for disaster science; multi-hazard vulnerability assessment
  • Maxim Gorbunov
    Maxim Gorbunov
    Biophysics; photosynthesis; coral reefs; phytoplankton physiology; ocean optics; scientific instrumentation; remote sensing
  • Juliane Gross
    Juliane Gross
    Planetary geology; formation and evolution of differentiated planetary bodies
  • Thomas Grothues
    Thomas Grothues
    Fish recruitment, dispersal, migration, and habitat use
  • Qizhong (George) Guo
    Qizhong (George) Guo
    Environmental hydraulics; water quality modeling; water resources and environmental engineering
  • Ximing Guo
    Ximing Guo
    Research in cytogenetics; genetic manipulation; genomic mapping in molluscan aquaculture species
  • placeholder-male
    Dale Haidvogel
    Physical oceanography; numerical ocean circulation modeling
  • Steven Handel
    Steven Handel
    Restoration ecology; plant population ecology; plant-animal interactions
  • Jean Marie Hartman
    Applications of ecological thinking to landscape design
  • Max Häggblom
    Max Häggblom
    Environmental microbiology and microbial ecology; biodegradation and bioremediation
  • Jeanner Herb
    Jeanne Herb
    Human-environmental interactions; environmental policy; participatory decision-making processes; science and risk communication
  • Claude Herzberg
    Claude Herzberg
    Solid and liquid silicate solutions; applications to planetary interiors
  • Benjamin P. Horton
    Benjamin P. Horton
    Sea-level change; hurricanes; earthquakes and tsunamis
  • Rebecca Jackson
    Rebecca Jackson
    Ocean cryosphere interactions, Submarine glacier melt in Greenland and Alaska
  • Olaf Jensen
    Fisheries science and aquatic ecology
  • Shantenu Jha
    Shantenu Jha
    High-performance and distributed computing, Computational science and engineering, Data-intensive computing, Software engineering and distributed cyber-infrastructure
  • Henry John-Alder
    Henry John-Alder
    Ecological and evolutionary physiology; thermal adaptation; sustainability
  • Rebecca Jordan
    Rebecca Jordan
    Evolution of behavior; environmental education and citizen science
  • Michael J. Kennish
    Marine geology; estuarine and marine ecology; marine pollution
  • Dennis Kent
    Dennis Kent
    Paleomagnetics; paleogeography; stratigraphy
  • Lee Kerkhof
    Lee Kerkhof
    Marine microbiology-molecular biology; microbial population dynamics
  • Josh Kohut
    Josh Kohut
    Coastal ocean dynamics; observing systems
  • Robert Kopp
    Robert Kopp
    Earth system science; environmental magnetism; climate and energy policy
  • Adam Kustka
    physiology and ecology of phytoplankton; biogeochemistry
  • Richard Lathrop
    Richard Lathrop
    Remote sensing; landscape ecology
  • Robin Leichenko
    Robin Leichenko
    Economic geography; climate change vulnerability; human dimensions of global environmental change
  • Julia Levin
    Julia Levin
    Ocean modeling; data assimilation; computational fluid dynamics
  • Vadim Levin
    Vadim Levin
    Origin and evolution of continents; mantle dynamics at convergent plate margins; seismological techniques for studies of structure and texture at depth
  • Benjamin Lintner
    Benjamin Lintner
    Tropical climate dynamics; land-atmosphere interactions
  • Jill Lipoti
    Jill Lipoti
    Sustainability; food; energy; water nexus; U.N. Sustainable Development goals; plastics in the ocean; storm water management; Green infrastructure; environmental radioactivity
  • Julie Lockwood
    Julie Lockwood
    Conservation biology; wildlife management; biological invasions
  • Richard Lutz
    Richard Lutz
    Marine ecology and paleoecology; shellfish ecology; biology of deep-sea hydrothermal vents
  • Kevin Lyons
    Kevin Lyons
    Supply Chain Management, Marketing Sciences
  • Andrea Marston
    Andrea Marston
    Political ecology, environmental justice, extractive industries, agrarian change, water governance. Regional focus on Latin America
  • Brooke Maslo
    Brooke Maslo
    Conservation biology; population dynamics; ecosystem services; bat; shorebirds
  • Janice McDonnell
    Janice McDonnell
    Education and outreach
  • Pamela McElwee
    Pamela McElwee
    Global environmental change, Biodiversity, Conservation and climate change in Asia
  • George R. McGhee Jr
    George R. McGhee Jr.
    Evolutionary theory; mass extinction; community paleoecology and evolution; functional and theoretical morphology; Paleozoic stratigraphy
  • Marci Meixler
    Marci Meixler
    Aquatic ecology and restoration
  • Travis Miles
    Travis Miles
    connections between the atmosphere, cryosphere, earth, and ecosystems across a broad range of temporal and spatial scales; oriented numerical modeling
  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller
    Climate modeling; earth system science; air-sea interactions; remote sensing
  • Kenneth Miller
    Kenneth Miller
    Late Cretaceous to Cenozoic sea-level and paleoceanographic changes; integration of isotope, bio-, magneto-, and seismic stratigraphy
  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller
    Cloud physics; atmospheric radiation; boundary-layer physics; remote sensing
  • Peter Morin
    Peter Morin
    Community ecology; herpetology; aquatic entomology
  • Xenia Morin
    Xenia Morin
    Systems approaches to local, regional, and global food systems
  • Richard Mortlock
    Richard Mortlock
    Isotope Geochemistry Geochronology Paleoceanography, U-Series Dated Corals, Hi-Res Climate Records
  • Greg Mountain
    Greg Mountain
    Seismic stratigraphy; paleoceanography; sea-level studies; continental margin evolution
  • Daphne Munroe
    Shellfisheries/aquaculture ecosystem interactions and population dynamics
  • Lauren Neitzke Adamo
    Lauren Neitzke Adamo
    Education and outreach; stable isotope stratigraphy; paleoceanography
  • Thu Nguyen
    Sustainable Computing, Computing for Sustainability, big data, infrastructure support
  • Karl F. Nordstrom
    Karl F. Nordstrom
    Geomorphology; sedimentology
  • Mary Nucci
    Mary Nucci
    Science communication, climate and geoscience communication, Student perceptions and behaviors towards climate change
  • Lujendra Ojha
    Lujendra Ojha
    Planetary Geophysics, Remote Sensing
  • Cymie Payne
    Cymie Payne
    International law in the Anthropocene
  • Malin Pinsky
    Malin Pinsky
    Population dynamics; marine ecology; population genetics; climate change
  • Norbert Psuty
    Norbert Psuty
    Coastal geomorphology, Shoreline erosion, Coastal zone management
  • Victoria Ramenzoni
    Victoria Constanza Ramenzoni
    Human behavioral ecology, Coastal communities, Marine and coastal policies
  • John Reinfelder
    John Reinfelder
    Trace metal biogeochemistry of aquatic systems; phytoplankton ecology
  • Ying Fan Reinfelder
    Ying Fan Reinfelder
    Terrestrial water cycle; groundwater and climate
  • Åsa Rennermalm
    Åsa K. Rennermalm
    Physical geography; hydrology; climatology; Arctic region; Greenland ice sheet
  • Kevon Rhiney
    Kevon Rhiney
    Critical development studies, Human-environment geography, Political economy, Global environmental change
  • David Robinson
    David Robinson
    Climatology; cryosphere; regional climates; physical geography
  • Alan Robock
    Alan Robock
    Climate change; climate modeling; nuclear winter
  • Lisa Rodenburg
    Lisa Rodenburg
    Environmental organic chemistry
  • Yair Rosenthal
    Yair Rosenthal
    Geochemistry; paleoceanography; trace metal biogeochemistry; metal cycling in estuarine and coastal sediments
  • Grace Saba
    Grace Saba
    Plankton ecology and physiology; food web dynamics; ocean acidification
  • Kevin St. Martin
    Kevin St. Martin
    Economic geography, Diverse economics, Political ecology, Community and commons, Critical cartographies, GIS
  • Hal Salzman
    Hal Salzman
    Socio-economic studies of arctic communities; Non-urban development and climate change
  • Karina V.R. Schäfer
    global change and its effects on terrestrial ecosystems
  • Jorge Reina Schement
    Jorge Reina Schement
    Information policy, Global telecommunications, Spanish-language media, Information-consumer behavior, Diversity and inclusion
  • Roy W. Schlische
    Roy W. Schlische
    Extensional tectonics; structural and stratigraphic development of rift basins; growth of faults
  • Laura Schneider
    Laura Schneider
    Land-change science; biogeography; remote sensing and GIS; Latin America
  • Oscar Schofield
    Oscar Schofield
    Marine phytoplankton ecology; hydrological optics and remote sensing; integrated ocean observatories
  • Silke Severmann
    Silke Severmann
    Modern and ancient biogeochemical cycles of trace metals and their isotopes
  • Robert E. Sheridan
    Robert E. Sheridan
    Eastern North American Margin (ENAM); geophysics; direct geological sampling
  • Robert Sherrell
    Robert Sherrell
    Trace metals in the oceanic water column; environmental chemistry
  • Rachael Shwom
    Rachael Shwom
    Environmental sociology, Organizational sociology, Global climate change
  • Elisabeth Sikes
    Elisabeth Sikes
    Paleoceanography; marine organic geochemistry
  • Peter Strom
    Biological treatment; hazardous wastes
  • Lena Struwe
    Evolutionary history, diversity and biogeography of gentians and relatives
  • Carl Swisher III
    Carl C. Swisher III
    Noble gas mass spectrometry, Argon dating, Calibration of vertebrate and hominin evolution
  • Gary Taghon
    Gary Taghon
    Marine benthic ecology
  • Kimberlee Thamatrakoln
    Kimberlee Thamatrakoln
    Biochemical basis of environmental sensing by phytoplankton
  • Sonia Tikoo
    Sonia Tikoo
    Paleomagnetism; rock magnetism; evolution of terrestrial planets; plate tectonics; evolution of planetary dynamos
  • placeholder-male
    Brent Turrin
    Noble gas isotope geochemistry, Geochronologic studies of Earth-Solar System processes
  • Jill VanTongeren
    Jill VanTongeren
    Geochemical and thermal evolution of large magma chambers; processes in the lower oceanic crust; early earth tectonics
  • Costantino Vetriani
    Costantino Vetriani
    Deep-sea microbiology; extremophiles; molecular ecology; adaptations to extreme environments
  • Erin Vogel
    Erin Vogel
    Food acquisition and diet selection in nonhuman primates
  • Roger Wang
    Ruo-Qian (Roger) Wang
    Coastal engineering systems, Data-model interface, Big data, Model-based decision making,
  • John Wiedenmann
    John Wiedenmann
    Fisheries science and management; behavioral modeling; Antarctic krill
  • John Wilkin
    John Wilkin
    Physical oceanography; coastal dynamics; coupled physical/biological modeling
  • Rachael Winfree
    Rachael Winfree
    Pollination ecology
  • Mary Whelan
    Mary Whelan
    Atmospheric chemistry; biogeochemistry; sea level rise; carbon fertilization
  • Jim Wright
    Jim Wright
    Paleoceanography; stable isotope geochemistry; carbon cycling; the history of Earth
  • Ming Xu
    Ming Xu
    Ecosystem ecology, modeling, and management; remote sensing and GIS spatial modeling
  • Nathan Yee
    Nathan Yee
    Low temperature geochemistry; geomicrobiology
  • Lily Young
    Lily Young
    Anaerobic microbial metabolism of environmental contaminants; microbial ecology