Member Directory

  • Kenneth Able
    Kenneth Able
    Ecology and behavior of fish
  • Clinton Andrews
    Clinton Andrews
    Energy and environmental planning; regulatory reform; planning methods
  • Gail Ashley
    Gail Ashley
    Sedimentology; geomorphology; quaternary geology; modern processes
  • Marie-Pierre Aubry
    Marie-Pierre Aubry
    Biostratigraphy; calcareous nanoplankton evolution; geological time and the stratigraphic record
  • Lisa Auermuller
    Lisa Auermuller
    Coastal community vulnerability; Coastal Training Program
  • Nicholas Beaird
    Nicholas Beaird
    High-latitude observational physical oceanography, Greenland meltwater, Ocean circulations
  • Karen Bemis
    Karen Bemis
    Marine geophysics; hydrothermal plume behavior; volcano morphology; visualization
  • Debashish Bhattacharya
    Debashish Bhattacharya
    Algal evolution; genomics; endosymbiosis; red tides; plastids; tree of life
  • Kay Bidle
    Molecular evolution and ecology; marine microbial ecology; biogeochemistry
  • placeholder-male
    Juan Bonachela
    Ecological and evolutionary patterns
  • AJ Both
    A.J. Both
    Controlled environment agriculture; crop modeling; systems analysis
  • Tony Broccoli
    Anthony Broccoli
    Climate modeling; climate change
  • Joseph Brodie
    Coastal environmental modeling; climate change; coastal observation
  • David Bushek
    David Bushek
    Shellfish ecology; aquaculture and host-parasite interactions
  • Dan Cabanes
    Dan Cabanes
    Human microarchaeology; Old World
  • Robert Chant
    Robert Chant
    Observations and numerical modeling of estuarine and coastal processes
  • Randi Chmielewski
    Randi Chmielewski
    Science and Politics Initiative
  • Enrique Curchitser
    Ocean dynamics and climate system; Earth system models; multiscale climate dynamics
  • Katherine Dawson
    Geomicrobiology; organic geochemistry; microbial ecology; microbial transformation of organic molecules
  • Michael De Luca
    Michael De Luca
    Management of major external research; science education and service programs; government relations; marine and coastal science policy
  • Siobain Duffy
    Siobain Duffy
    Emerging viruses; experimental evolution; bioinformatics; bacteriophage
  • Anna M. Dulencin
    Science and Politics Initiative
  • Nicole Fahrenfeld
    Environmental chemistry and environmental microbiology to promote water quality and sustainability, with applications in natural and engineered systems
  • Paul Falkowski
    Paul Falkowski
    Biogeochemical cycles; evolution; astrobiology
  • Craig Feibel
    Craig Feibel
    Geological context of fossil and archaeological sites, paleoenvironments and paleoecology, microstratigraphy, geochronology; Africa
  • Mark Feigenson
    Mark Feigenson
    Geochemistry of igneous rocks and other geologic samples
  • Donna Fennell
    Environmental microbiology; environmental engineering
  • Dina Fonseca
    Dina Fonseca
    Evolutionary epidemiological ecology
  • Jennifer Francis
    Jennifer Francis
    Satellite remote sensing of polar regions; air/ice/ocean energy transfer
  • Heidi Fuchs
    Heidi Fuchs
    Biophysical interactions; larval dispersal; plankton community ecology
  • Yuan Gao
    Yuan Gao
    Atmospheric chemistry; air-sea chemical exchange; air pollution
  • Scott Glenn
    Scott Glenn
    Physical oceanography; satellite remote sensing
  • Linda Godfrey
    Linda Godfrey
    Paleoclimate; groundwater; nitrogen cycle; geochemistry
  • Jie Gong
    Jie Gong
    Coastal community resilience; remote sensing; geo-spatial big data; artificial intelligence for disaster science; multi-hazard vulnerability assessment
  • Maxim Gorbunov
    Maxim Gorbunov
    Biophysics; photosynthesis; coral reefs; phytoplankton physiology; ocean optics; scientific instrumentation; remote sensing
  • Juliane Gross
    Juliane Gross
    Planetary geology; formation and evolution of differentiated planetary bodies
  • Thomas Grothues
    Thomas Grothues
    Fish recruitment, dispersal, migration, and habitat use
  • Qizhong (George) Guo
    Qizhong (George) Guo
    Environmental hydraulics; water quality modeling; water resources and environmental engineering
  • Ximing Guo
    Ximing Guo
    Research in cytogenetics; genetic manipulation; genomic mapping in molluscan aquaculture species
  • placeholder-male
    Dale Haidvogel
    Physical oceanography; numerical ocean circulation modeling
  • Steven Handel
    Steven Handel
    Restoration ecology; plant population ecology; plant-animal interactions
  • Jean Marie Hartman
    Applications of ecological thinking to landscape design
  • Max Häggblom
    Max Häggblom
    Environmental microbiology and microbial ecology; biodegradation and bioremediation
  • Jeanner Herb
    Jeanne Herb
    Human-environmental interactions; environmental policy; participatory decision-making processes; science and risk communication
  • Claude Herzberg
    Claude Herzberg
    Solid and liquid silicate solutions; applications to planetary interiors
  • Benjamin P. Horton
    Benjamin P. Horton
    Sea-level change; hurricanes; earthquakes and tsunamis
  • Rebecca Jackson
    Rebecca Jackson
    Ocean cryosphere interactions, Submarine glacier melt in Greenland and Alaska
  • Olaf Jensen
    Fisheries science and aquatic ecology
  • Shantenu Jha
    Shantenu Jha
    High-performance and distributed computing, Computational science and engineering, Data-intensive computing, Software engineering and distributed cyber-infrastructure
  • Henry John-Alder
    Henry John-Alder
    Ecological and evolutionary physiology; thermal adaptation; sustainability
  • Rebecca Jordan
    Rebecca Jordan
    Evolution of behavior; environmental education and citizen science
  • Michael J. Kennish
    Marine geology; estuarine and marine ecology; marine pollution
  • Dennis Kent
    Dennis Kent
    Paleomagnetics; paleogeography; stratigraphy
  • Lee Kerkhof
    Lee Kerkhof
    Marine microbiology-molecular biology; microbial population dynamics
  • Josh Kohut
    Josh Kohut
    Coastal ocean dynamics; observing systems
  • Robert Kopp
    Robert Kopp
    Earth system science; environmental magnetism; climate and energy policy
  • Adam Kustka
    physiology and ecology of phytoplankton; biogeochemistry
  • Richard Lathrop
    Richard Lathrop
    Remote sensing; landscape ecology
  • Robin Leichenko
    Robin Leichenko
    Economic geography; climate change vulnerability; human dimensions of global environmental change
  • Julia Levin
    Julia Levin
    Ocean modeling; data assimilation; computational fluid dynamics
  • Vadim Levin
    Vadim Levin
    Origin and evolution of continents; mantle dynamics at convergent plate margins; seismological techniques for studies of structure and texture at depth
  • Benjamin Lintner
    Benjamin Lintner
    Tropical climate dynamics; land-atmosphere interactions
  • Jill Lipoti
    Jill Lipoti
    Sustainability; food; energy; water nexus; U.N. Sustainable Development goals; plastics in the ocean; storm water management; Green infrastructure; environmental radioactivity
  • Julie Lockwood
    Julie Lockwood
    Conservation biology; wildlife management; biological invasions
  • Richard Lutz
    Richard Lutz
    Marine ecology and paleoecology; shellfish ecology; biology of deep-sea hydrothermal vents
  • Kevin Lyons
    Kevin Lyons
    Supply Chain Management, Marketing Sciences
  • Andrea Marston
    Andrea Marston
    Political ecology, environmental justice, extractive industries, agrarian change, water governance. Regional focus on Latin America
  • Brooke Maslo
    Brooke Maslo
    Conservation biology; population dynamics; ecosystem services; bat; shorebirds
  • Janice McDonnell
    Janice McDonnell
    Education and outreach
  • Pamela McElwee
    Pamela McElwee
    Global environmental change, Biodiversity, Conservation and climate change in Asia
  • George R. McGhee Jr
    George R. McGhee Jr.
    Evolutionary theory; mass extinction; community paleoecology and evolution; functional and theoretical morphology; Paleozoic stratigraphy
  • Marci Meixler
    Marci Meixler
    Aquatic ecology and restoration
  • Travis Miles
    Travis Miles
    connections between the atmosphere, cryosphere, earth, and ecosystems across a broad range of temporal and spatial scales; oriented numerical modeling
  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller
    Climate modeling; earth system science; air-sea interactions; remote sensing
  • Kenneth Miller
    Kenneth Miller
    Late Cretaceous to Cenozoic sea-level and paleoceanographic changes; integration of isotope, bio-, magneto-, and seismic stratigraphy
  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller
    Cloud physics; atmospheric radiation; boundary-layer physics; remote sensing
  • Peter Morin
    Peter Morin
    Community ecology; herpetology; aquatic entomology
  • Xenia Morin
    Xenia Morin
    Systems approaches to local, regional, and global food systems
  • Richard Mortlock
    Richard Mortlock
    Isotope Geochemistry Geochronology Paleoceanography, U-Series Dated Corals, Hi-Res Climate Records
  • Greg Mountain
    Greg Mountain
    Seismic stratigraphy; paleoceanography; sea-level studies; continental margin evolution
  • Daphne Munroe
    Shellfisheries/aquaculture ecosystem interactions and population dynamics
  • Lauren Neitzke Adamo
    Lauren Neitzke Adamo
    Education and outreach; stable isotope stratigraphy; paleoceanography
  • Thu Nguyen
    Sustainable Computing, Computing for Sustainability, big data, infrastructure support
  • Karl F. Nordstrom
    Karl F. Nordstrom
    Geomorphology; sedimentology
  • Mary Nucci
    Mary Nucci
    Science communication, climate and geoscience communication, Student perceptions and behaviors towards climate change
  • Lujendra Ojha
    Lujendra Ojha
    Planetary Geophysics, Remote Sensing
  • Cymie Payne
    Cymie Payne
    International law in the Anthropocene
  • Malin Pinsky
    Malin Pinsky
    Population dynamics; marine ecology; population genetics; climate change
  • Norbert Psuty
    Norbert Psuty
    Coastal geomorphology, Shoreline erosion, Coastal zone management
  • Victoria Ramenzoni
    Victoria Constanza Ramenzoni
    Human behavioral ecology, Coastal communities, Marine and coastal policies
  • John Reinfelder
    John Reinfelder
    Trace metal biogeochemistry of aquatic systems; phytoplankton ecology
  • Ying Fan Reinfelder
    Ying Fan Reinfelder
    Terrestrial water cycle; groundwater and climate
  • Åsa Rennermalm
    Åsa K. Rennermalm
    Physical geography; hydrology; climatology; Arctic region; Greenland ice sheet
  • Kevon Rhiney
    Kevon Rhiney
    Critical development studies, Human-environment geography, Political economy, Global environmental change
  • David Robinson
    David Robinson
    Climatology; cryosphere; regional climates; physical geography
  • Alan Robock
    Alan Robock
    Climate change; climate modeling; nuclear winter
  • Lisa Rodenburg
    Lisa Rodenburg
    Environmental organic chemistry
  • Yair Rosenthal
    Yair Rosenthal
    Geochemistry; paleoceanography; trace metal biogeochemistry; metal cycling in estuarine and coastal sediments
  • Grace Saba
    Grace Saba
    Plankton ecology and physiology; food web dynamics; ocean acidification
  • Kevin St. Martin
    Kevin St. Martin
    Economic geography, Diverse economics, Political ecology, Community and commons, Critical cartographies, GIS
  • Hal Salzman
    Hal Salzman
    Socio-economic studies of arctic communities; Non-urban development and climate change
  • Karina V.R. Schäfer
    global change and its effects on terrestrial ecosystems
  • Jorge Reina Schement
    Jorge Reina Schement
    Information policy, Global telecommunications, Spanish-language media, Information-consumer behavior, Diversity and inclusion
  • Roy W. Schlische
    Roy W. Schlische
    Extensional tectonics; structural and stratigraphic development of rift basins; growth of faults
  • Laura Schneider
    Laura Schneider
    Land-change science; biogeography; remote sensing and GIS; Latin America
  • Oscar Schofield
    Oscar Schofield
    Marine phytoplankton ecology; hydrological optics and remote sensing; integrated ocean observatories
  • Silke Severmann
    Silke Severmann
    Modern and ancient biogeochemical cycles of trace metals and their isotopes
  • Robert E. Sheridan
    Robert E. Sheridan
    Eastern North American Margin (ENAM); geophysics; direct geological sampling
  • Robert Sherrell
    Robert Sherrell
    Trace metals in the oceanic water column; environmental chemistry
  • Rachael Shwom
    Rachael Shwom
    Environmental sociology, Organizational sociology, Global climate change
  • Elisabeth Sikes
    Elisabeth Sikes
    Paleoceanography; marine organic geochemistry
  • Peter Strom
    Biological treatment; hazardous wastes
  • Lena Struwe
    Evolutionary history, diversity and biogeography of gentians and relatives
  • Carl Swisher III
    Carl C. Swisher III
    Noble gas mass spectrometry, Argon dating, Calibration of vertebrate and hominin evolution
  • Gary Taghon
    Gary Taghon
    Marine benthic ecology
  • Kimberlee Thamatrakoln
    Kimberlee Thamatrakoln
    Biochemical basis of environmental sensing by phytoplankton
  • Sonia Tikoo
    Sonia Tikoo
    Paleomagnetism; rock magnetism; evolution of terrestrial planets; plate tectonics; evolution of planetary dynamos
  • placeholder-male
    Brent Turrin
    Noble gas isotope geochemistry, Geochronologic studies of Earth-Solar System processes
  • Jill VanTongeren
    Jill VanTongeren
    Geochemical and thermal evolution of large magma chambers; processes in the lower oceanic crust; early earth tectonics
  • Costantino Vetriani
    Costantino Vetriani
    Deep-sea microbiology; extremophiles; molecular ecology; adaptations to extreme environments
  • Erin Vogel
    Erin Vogel
    Food acquisition and diet selection in nonhuman primates
  • Roger Wang
    Ruo-Qian (Roger) Wang
    Coastal engineering systems, Data-model interface, Big data, Model-based decision making,
  • John Wiedenmann
    John Wiedenmann
    Fisheries science and management; behavioral modeling; Antarctic krill
  • John Wilkin
    John Wilkin
    Physical oceanography; coastal dynamics; coupled physical/biological modeling
  • Rachael Winfree
    Rachael Winfree
    Pollination ecology
  • Mary Whelan
    Mary Whelan
    Atmospheric chemistry; biogeochemistry; sea level rise; carbon fertilization
  • Jim Wright
    Jim Wright
    Paleoceanography; stable isotope geochemistry; carbon cycling; the history of Earth
  • Ming Xu
    Ming Xu
    Ecosystem ecology, modeling, and management; remote sensing and GIS spatial modeling
  • Nathan Yee
    Nathan Yee
    Low temperature geochemistry; geomicrobiology
  • Lily Young
    Lily Young
    Anaerobic microbial metabolism of environmental contaminants; microbial ecology